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Scarborough Environmental Association

We bring marginalized communities in Scarborough together to build a network that can advocate for the environment.


We run a wide range of events to serve local communities while educating participants about climate friendly policies. If you have an idea for an event you would like to see in your neighborhood, please contact us!

Bird Watching:
Millions of birds migrate to Canada to nest in the spring before flying back south for the fall. To experience the beauty of these migrations, we host bird watching events between the April-May and September-October months. Binoculars are provided.

Monthly Repair Cafe:
Monthly free repair event at the Mid Scarborough Hub on Brimley and Eglinton. You can bring in your torn clothes, broken appliances or computers and get them repaired by volunteer fixers.

Bike Repair Pop-ups:
Local free event to repair and teach community members how to maintain their bikes, driving reusability and promoting green active transportation

Park Clean-ups:
We organize volunteers to help clean litter to make our parks enjoyable for everyone, while discussing waste reduction strategies. If your local park could use a cleanup, please reach out to us and it may be the site of our next community clean up!


About Us

Scarborough Environmental Association (SEA) is a grassroots organization of local residents that engage in neighbourhood advocacy through community service.

From bike repair initiatives aimed at building support for active transportation infrastructure to free pollinator plant giveaways for conservation education, we organize a diverse range of events and advocate for a wide range of issues.

Together, our goal is make Toronto's largest borough a kinder, greener place.

Our Team

Krissan Veerasingam
Krissan Veerasingam
Director & Co-Founder

A lifelong Scarborough resident and community activist, Krissan’s activism started with fighting for affordable housing through Progress Toronto, pushing for policies such as inclusionary zoning, and later joining the board of TTC Riders in 2022 to fight transit cuts within Scarborough. Krissan is motivated to make climate friendly communities that work for all its residents, especially those that are low income and historically disenfranchised.

Fizza Khalid
Fizza Khalid
Social Media Manager & Co-Founder

A dedicated Scarborough community organizer, Fizza strives for a fair and just city where everyone, especially those with lower incomes, can access the support they need. During her time enrolled within the Pathways to Education program, she gained a deep appreciation for the significance of mentorship and community engagement. Fizza serves as a board member for TTC Riders, where she advocates for improved and accessible transit across Toronto. Additionally, she is a volunteer lead within Progress Toronto, focusing on affordable housing campaigns.

Jacob Pecile
Jacob Pecile
Researcher & Co-Founder

Meet Jacob, a dedicated volunteer adopted by the Scarborough community as one of their own. He is a friend and ally for those looking to build community within the most eastern borough of Toronto. Jacob’s passion revolves about creating a knowledge base of both local and global injustices and disparities. He has been a volunteer and activist to many political campaigns built around helping Torontonians better understand the policies that govern them. He helps SEA get the community engaged and motivated for demanding a better future.

Simrat Randhawa
Simrat Randhawa

Passionate about making her favourite Toronto district (Scarborough, of course) greener and cleaner, and with over a decade of volunteer work, Simrat joined our team as our Copywriter in 2023. Previously she has volunteered with the City of Toronto, Live Green Toronto, Junior Achievement Central Ontario, York University Network Node, and TD Tree days.

Christian Keay
Christian Keay
Photographer & Nature Steward Coordinator

Meet Christian, an active member of Toronto Nature Stewards who is deeply committed to local park stewardship and passionate about birding. His love for nature extends to photography, capturing the beauty in our world, from birds to everyday moments. As a sustainability enthusiast, Christian volunteers at the repair cafe, giving items a second life and promoting reuse. Join him in celebrating nature and inspiring positive environmental actions!

Sonya Karamchandani
Sonya Karamchandani

As a web & software developer with a love of intersecting technology with environmental justice, zero-waste, and community-building, Sonya supports SEA by building and maintaining our website. She is passionate about advocating for Scarborough as a green, livable city that reflects the needs of its residents.

Contact Us

Got a question for us? Want to send feedback or suggest an event? Looking to get involved? Let us know.

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